Monday, March 18, 2013

Catching Sunlight

At the bottom of the pool,
A sliver of light shimmers.

I try to stand on it, to be in it, to feel its warmth. In front of it
there is regular blue,
behind it and sideways there
is regular blue.

How can I be in it? The change
in temperature is so slight,
but I feel it and I crave it
and I stare at it, it looks
so bright. Should I fix myself on it and
embrace its fleeting presence?
or, enter into the expanse and forget about its shine, and how it brightens
a moment?

That shifting light reminds me of something distant, though still familiar
and thinking about it offers
that slight change in temperature, warmth,
though the memory is fleeting;
from day to day I enter the regular blue
where my existence is typical, comfortable.

I stretch out, dive below,
feel the cool water pass.

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